You are new to yoga and now you are ready to take your curiosity to the next level?
Welcome to the Intro to Yoga workshop. This workshop is designed for you who have tried yoga a few times, never tried yoga or don't know anything about yoga.
Intro to Yoga will help you to cultivate a basic understanding of yoga practice. This workshop will include:

History of  Yoga

Yoga Philosophy

Basic Breathing Techniques

Basic Knowledge of Mudra (hand gestures), Badhas (energy locks), Drishti (focus gaze)

Breaking Down Basic Postures to Cultivate Strength, Flexibility & Awareness, Including Sun Salutations

How to Be Calm & Relax During Relaxation

Basic Meditation

This Intro to Yoga workshop is 3 hours.
Sunday, 11 November 15.00 - 18.00


Teacher: Pritha Maheswari
Location: Zenang Yoga & More, Eerste Stationsstraat 185, Zoetermeer
Price: €25

If you have any questions regarding Intro to Yoga workshop, please send us an email with this form below. Thank you.

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