Dream Team

"Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.


PRITHA  - yoga teacher & co-owner of zenang yoga & more

Pritha discovered yoga in 2007 after a friend took her to a class. She still remember her very first yoga class like it was yesterday. She jumped into the unknown, where all the magic happens. And this magic is still happening until today. And here she is now willing to share the magic she has received since then.
Pritha's passion is to share her knowledge and support her students to grow yoga. She believes that through yoga everyone can open their hearts and expand their awareness and truly be who they already are.

Pritha's teaching philosophy is gravitating around self healing, enhancing positive vibes within one self, mindfulness living, understanding the importance of gratitude in life that will lead to happiness in living as a community on and off the yoga mat. Her classes are known to be fun, positively challenging and relaxing at the same time. She's known to infuse Thai Yoga Massage within her class - with full permission from her students.



I am a hedonist with focus, a dreamer with a vision and an entrepreneur from the heart.

I have on and off practiced yoga, always when it suited me. But around 2012 this came to an end, because with every down-dog I became really nausea. So much so that I started to grow a big dislike towards practicing Yoga. The thought of Yoga alone made me made me lightheaded. But beginning 2017 my yogi boyfriend convinced me to practice Yoga again and I slowly did.

During a Bali visit end 2017, my dear friend Pritha was teaching all over the place in Bali, and she convinced me to follow her classes. I did and I fell in love with yoga all over again and have felt Zenang ever since.



Kathleen has been wanting to try yoga for quiet some time because she was told by her physiotherapist that yoga is good to cure her lower back pain. She tried yoga at 2 different yoga schools in Zoetermeer, but couldn't find any connections with the teachers.

But then her bestie Danielle Traanman, invited her to Gratis Yoga In Het Park event that was held by Pritha Maheswari. She attended the first Gratis Yoga In Het Park event in Dobbeplein and she was immediately hooked.
 She experienced such a good vibe and energy during the class. Pritha is an amazing yoga teacher. 

When Pritha and her business partner, Danielle, announced that they opened a yoga school: Zenang Yoga & More on August 1st 2018, it was obvious that Kathleen would become their member. She's been attending Pritha's classes every day and she can proudly say that she's a yogini now.


NANDA GITA - hatha, yin, nidra

Nanda got introduced to yoga when she was 18, she was having an unhealthy teenage lifestyle that brought her to heavy insomnia & struggles to maintain an ideal body weight.

Nanda tried a different exercise with a personal trainer who didn't make her feel good because she felt that she was being forced to push harder beyond her limit. When Nanda joined her first yoga class, she felt refreshed and her mind relaxed. All her problems disappeared. Yoga is a personal practice, it's a non-judgement environment.

The more she practiced yoga the deeper she knows how intelligent our body actually is.
Nanda has been a yoga practitioner since 2015, and is living her yoga lifestyle on daily basis. She loves to share her yoga journey with others. Nanda is fully compassionate, she adjusts her teachings to the need of her students because she understands that every body is different.




Rosa Winkel is Intuitive Life Coach en forenst tussen Nederland en Bali en Griekenland. Zowel mannen als vrouwen kunnen aankloppen bij haar adres om de relatie met zichzelf en/of anderen te verbeteren en gelukkiger door alledaagse dag te gaan. Rosa beschikt over een brede kennis in psychologie en is gecertificeerd NLP-deskundige. Voor de workshops schakelt zij voornamelijk haar eigen levenservaring en hoog ontwikkelde intuïtie in om mensen te begeleiden op de weg naar zelfrealisatie en een lang en gelukkig leven.