Join us on this donation based community class

This community event is created to share the benefits of yoga practice to everybody. Both non members and members are welcome to this special event.
This class is suitable for everyone, with or without any experience in yoga.
You can bring everyone else that you know and please bring your own yoga mat, if you don’t have one, we can lend you ours. 

The yoga class is 75 minutes long.
We will start the practice with a gentle Yin Yoga to release the stress on our muscles & nervous system and also to stimulate the digestion
to open the space for the energy to flow through our body. You will be able to experience the lightness of the mind and the body.
We will end the class with a nice 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra - which also known as the “Sleeping Yoga” which will work on
our subconscious mind.Nanda will guide you deeper into the joyful of the soul, leaving the outside crazy changing world
for a while. 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra equals to 2 hours of deep sleep.

Zondag, 10 Maart 2019
10.30 - 11.45
Docent: Nanda Gita
Prijs: Donatie (min. 1 Euro)
Locatie: Zenang Yoga & More, Eerste Stationsstraat 185, Zoetermeer

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Als je vragen hebt over de Community class, stuur ons dan een bericht via onderstaand formulier. Bedankt!

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